Marvin Cable Tailpiece Standard Size
Marvin Cable Tailpiece Custom Size
Marvin Cable Tailpiece 5-string

Marvin cable tailpieces are a totally new tailpiece design for double basses that provide:

Greater Sound and sustain

1. Less mass/weight muting the vibration of the bridge

2. Single cable across the saddle does not stabilize the bridge allowing freer movement and vibration.

3. Greater elasticity of tailpiece allows freer bridge movement and vibration.

Faster bow response

The bridge comes to full vibration faster because tailpiece does not slow the response

Reduced wolf tones

Tailpiece buffering eliminates impact on wolf tones. Wolf tones emanating from the tailpiece or strings below the bridge are eliminated.

Softer feel when fingering

Additional elasticity of cables allow the strings to be deflected by the left hand with less force. The tension of the strings is not different , just the elasticity (ability to stretch).

Unwanted sympathetic vibrations are reduced by buffering the cables in the tailpiece and by extending the single cable several inches beyond the saddle before separating into individual string cables.

The design uses thin cables which better display the natural wood of the basses top table.

Cable breaking strength is 175 pounds for each string. Normal string tension is 65 pounds. The tailpiece is significantly stronger than the strings.

Sizing is less important than with wood tailpieces because buffering eliminates the need to tune the string lengths below the bridge.

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Marvin Cable Tailpiece Standard Size
Marvin Cable Tailpiece Custom Size